Thursday, March 5, 2009

Article Writing Mistakes - 3 Traps For Writers to Avoid

By Fabian Tan

Most article writing experts encourage you to avoid being general by picking up a topic that is wide in scope. Marketing strategy is a wide subject on which tomes have been written. If the subject you are writing is highly conceptual, display its practical validity by applying the concept or showing cases where the concept has been put to use.

1. Specificity

You need to touch on a specific aspect of a subject and exploring its use in the real world. Lack of specificity makes the article appear pedantic and unrelated to the realistic aspects of the subject. Even people who are interested in reading conceptual information will lose interest if the article is long winded and does not home in on a subject.

2. Anecdote usage

The use of anecdotes can be tricky. Article writing tips bring up the need to carefully gauge whether the anecdote is related to the body of the article. Anecdotes are a useful way to garner interest in an article but if it does not lead the reader to continue reading what is written, the reader's interest is lost.

3. Lack of examples

Use live examples that display the practical use of the concept. The absence of live examples gives the reader an impression that the writer is either not aware of where the concept is in use or that the concept is of little practical value. Even if the article is about a concept that has yet to see the light of day, it should tell the reader about the anticipated uses and likely constraints in its use.

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